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Review NYX Liquid Suede: Sandstorm

Hey People I am reviewing today of the latest lipstick that I got which is NYX LIQUID SUEDE on the shade Standstorm. Well It on my hunt to find my perfect nude. Well if i go on categorizing what exactly nude I am looking for it will take some time, cause I want one in a pink undertone and one in brown . SO I landed my hands on Standstorm for it to be a one in the brown undertone.  I have put down the pictures below for you guys to have a better understanding of the whole scenario.  You see the pictures and then I am gonna share below my points.



                        SWATCH BELOWWWWW !!

Image result for arrow down drawing


So right here is a swatch of the shade of how it looks on my hand .. and trust me guys i loved it when I swatched it on my hands it is perfect and in brown undertone.. but i wish the story could end as happily as it did on my hand . 😛

Also I am an Indian girl with fairly medium fair to fair skin tone. SO let just put that into perspective as it might look a certain way on my skin tone and can look completely different under yours.



I had to actually do before after for you guys cause it looked totally washed out under my skin tone, it was like I am not wearing anything ….well technically like very technically nude is that .. but guys thats not what m looking for.

BEFORE                                              AFTER 

( Guys trust me I do have it on .. hahah )


I was totally disappointed by how it looked on my lips.. though the formula and feel of it was okay.. it feels like you have put something on your lips, there is some sticky feel to it.

In terms of formula and how it feels on the lips and how  it looks also I would anyday prefer NYX Soft matte lip range over these.

Suede for me was 2.5/5 and its not cause i got the color wrong its for the whole look of it.






Brain V/s Hearts


Because thoughts run free : 1

I never thought i would write this heart v/s brain, I always believed that brain rules all I am that person who is after logic when it matters of heart: ” where is the logic, why cant they just do it logically ,it is such a practical thing i can see it i dont know why you dont see it”

These double inverted comma words are legit my words, like this is me but somehow I got into thinking of this battle of heart and brain. Usually when you love someone r like someone and you just know that it will never be the same from the other person the battle of all time starts. There is Mr. Brain well mister no at all and the Mr. Heart little sensitive guy. The epic battle always starts with your brain having all the logical answers, it knows what is right and what is wrong, it has the list of dos and dont for the heart but well its heart which kinda has to run the opposite way of heart in some matters. Well per se the battle is not a real battle cause brain is not fighting as to win .. it is fighting  so that it can  guard the heart from hurting. Brain just wants to put cushions for heart so that  it doesnt break. But well Heart is that kid who just has to fall first break itself get bruised for it to understand anything. The heart makes these cute requests from the brain,but brain being so awwstruck with the heart lets it go only to find into more deep shit than before.

It is so painful when u know everything but you still walk through it only to be broken into  pieces and then we need brain  for functioning us back again. It can never fully functional cause every times heart shatters something goes away that never returns.

(Because thoughts run free : is a small note that I want to write it down as it comes up in  mind so that i can share it in the void.) 

Its all about Animation

Hello everyone and I hope you are having a fabulous day.

One of my favorite  genre in movei is ANIMATION.I love love love animated movies and they are my comfort happy movies . I haven’t watched all the animated movies but yah fair share sure. Also if  you think it is for kids .. then NO .. nah my friend ,I like to disagree, now a days  they are made for much larger audience.


So, here I present you my favorite animated movies not in any preferential order. Please feel free to tell me( comment below)  what is your favorite animated movie and if by any chance you haven’t watched any then….”DUDE what are you doing “, this list can be your starting point.

Number 1 : The Lion King ( 1994)

Image result for the lion kingI am starting of this is because I want to give this movie credit for making me fall in love with animated movie. I don’t remember what my first animated movie was but this surely was the one that increased my interest in animated movie.

It has few series also but I like the original one the most. It has amazing songs and very good story line.



Number 2: WALL-E (2008)

Image result for wall-e

Wall- e is a super great movie.It shows love between robots . A simple waste collecting robot could have so much feelings and can make viewers all mushy mushy inside. And eva is a badass robot. Its the story in distant future about two robots falling in love and saving the mankind.



Number 3: UP ( 2009)

Image result

The movie UP will make you go through so many emotions. It will make you laugh its funny and sarcastic as hell. It will make cry and it will make you love love. Carl with a kid goes for an adventure in the flying house.

Here’s  Trailer:

And there is a very special moment of mine in movie dont want to spoil  it but the story of Carl and his wife where in 10 mins they explained love so beautifully that i guess 2 hr movie could never do.

Number 4: Brave (2012)

Image result

Its a new outlook of a Disney movie on princess. It makes me so happy that this princess not all fragile and in need for a man. The fact that she is rebellious and what to learn more than how a princess should behave it makes it my favorite. Also  it might just seem normal to many but disney showed her hair to be all curly but this is there way of being more acceptable to other culture types rather than same old disney princess. See animated movies are so much more 😀

Here the trailer:

Number 5: Mega mind (2010)

Image result for megamind

A supervillain named Megamind defeats and kills his enemy. Due to boredom he creates a superhero who instead of protecting the world becomes evil himself forcing Megamind to turn into a hero. What a turn of events.

Here the trailer:


Number 6: Ratatouille (2007)

Image result Its a movie about a rat who loves cooking. He wants to go to Paris and want to become a famous Chef. Humans dont really like rodents in theri kitchen. This movie tells you to dream big and work for it.

Watch the Trailer :




Number 7: Tangled (2010)

Image result for tangled

Its the remake of an old story Rapunzel. It is according to today’s time and so much better. She escapes her castle and sets out in a journey with a thief and eventually falls in love with him. Its a Disney Princess Story so u may observe some cliquish things but its much more humorous and funny. Its a good watch.





Number 8: The TOY STORY series ( 1995,1999,2010)

Image result

I believe this is one series in which I like all the three movies that came out. First one is obviously the best but rest two are also very good. Its the story where your toys come to life.Its the story of Andy’s toys journey .


Trailer: Toy story 1, Toy story 2, Toy story 3


Number 9 : Finding Nemo (2003)

Image resultThe story of a baby fish getting lost and his dad sets on a journey to find his baby fish.Its the journey of nemo how he finds a way back to the sea as well as of his father who embarks on the journey to Sydney to find his son. Recently one more movie was released in 2016 known as Finding Dory, it is also a nice watch.

Here the link for Finding Nemo:



Number 10: Monster Inc. (2001)

Image result

It is movie about monster where they go into the human world scare the people and then generate electricity for their town. What happens when top scarer Sully and Mike accidentally bring a little girl back and how they have to get her back home.

Also will you just look at this girl she is so adorable…!!!! Image result for monster inc babygirl

And here the trailer :

There is one more movie released recently from this series was Monster university , its well very okay movie but this one is super great.

Number 11: How to train a dragon series (2001)

Image result for how to train a dragon I totally loved both the movie that got released. How to train your dragon 1 as well as 2 is super great.It has dragon in it!! who doesn’t love dragons 😛

Here the trailer



Omg there are so  many more that I love. So the above one are you must watch, but there is so much I am missing on so I will just name few below.

Frozen Image result for frozen

Wreck it Ralph

Image result for wreck it ralph

Despicable Me

Image result for despicable me

Madagascar Series

Image result for madagascar

Shrek Series

Image result for shrek movie

Figured it out ?

Hello Everyone

I hope you are having a great day 😀

As I was thinking what should I write next, I had few things in my mind but this thing in particular that I am currently struggling ( Kind of ) had like occupied most of the space in my mind. So It felt it might be a good topic to talk about as writing it down maybe just maybe sort something out in my head and also that I can share with you all . Continue reading “Figured it out ?”

ME: Konck Konck ?

You: Kon Hai?

ME: Con

You: kon Con?


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A Dilliwalla in Mumbai

Hello everyone, I hope you are having or probably had a beautiful day ( use tense according to whenever you read this post). * nerves laughter* *trying to be funny*

Well clearly from the title you can imagine what this whole blog is going to be all about. It’s  Dilliwalla  giving its honest opinion about coming to Mumbai. Trust me on this when I say, that I will be as impartial as I can be while writing this post Continue reading “A Dilliwalla in Mumbai”

My Inspiration


As I centered my blog to be all amount things i love, I wanted  my first post to be the reason why i am starting with BLOGs . My first post can be  straight about issues m struggling  with,things i stand for in life, movies and my recent shop till you drop shopping sprees or me exploring the city of Mumbai but I want  it to be special .Telling you guys who is my inspiration start all of this seemed a good way to Kick Off.

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